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“A 70’s master bath was terribly out of place in this 1750's home with a rich heritage. The redesign brought it back in line with the beauty of the home. It feels like it "belongs" and has as much character as the rest of the home (or more!)”

Honoring its Heritage

(Redding, CT)


This 1780's home had a rich heritage, serving as a Methodist meeting place in its early days. A hideous master bath had been added in the 1970's, and it desperately needed to be replaced.

The remodeled Master Bathroom has a diverse, yet settled, selections palette.  It's a room that now feels like it has been there all along. The clients are ecstatic and enjoy spending time there.


Carefully selected materials traverse time and geography. Reclaimed materials were scouted out at antique dealers, and add balance to the complementing new materials; heart hickory cabinetry handcrafted in the Midwest, eclectic Italian mirrors, and Caesarstone countertops.


The precision required to get every detail just right in this project was tedious but worth it. From sourcing vintage hardware, to finding exactly the right plumbing fixtures, picking through many boxes of tile to choose just the right ones, and detailing the vanity with 3D models down to 1/16th of an inch make everything in the final project “just right”.

A reclaimed beam was utilized to create a gunstock post and beam along the outside wall, which matches the detailing of the adjacent rooms.

To honor the home’s heritage, hand hewn oak flooring with exposed steel cut nails was used to replace the Mexican tile flooring.


Some modern touches include the open bottomed vanity with dual sinks built from heart hickory,  raw metal mirrors from Italy, and a modern Caesarstone counter in a dark gray concrete color and aged pewter cabinet hardware.

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Utilizing vintage reclaimed components was a critical part of making the space feel period appropriate.

The existing tub, cast iron radiator, and two wall sconces were all re-used. Additional vintage components were  were sourced and included, such door hardware and robe hooks.


Material Selections

The biggest challenge was creating a palette of finishes from a variety of manufacturers and sources that complement each other and look like they belong together.  

The tones of the raw metal mirrors and counters balance play off the  satin nickel of the plumbing fixtures.

A freestanding exposed shower valve system looks like it has been there all along.



Team Something

"It's all in the details!"

Happy Client
Redding, CT

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