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Family room addition designed and built by Clark Construction in Ridgefield, CT
Clark Construction addition and interior remodeling project, including kitchen, in Wilton CT
Red barn garage addition on white colonial in Wilton CT by Clark Construction

Need more Space?

Outgrowing your home? An addition can be a great way to get all the space you need while remaining in the home and neighborhood you love.

It should be a comfortable, convenient and happy place that you love being in. Let’s create yours.

Addition Gallery

A major home improvement should mean a major life improvement. Don't worry, we've elevated planning and project management to an art form. So no matter how many moving parts there are to your project, we'll have them progressing smoothly and you'll have your home remodeled right on schedule!

    New living spaces

    Wherever you’d like to make a change, we can help you make the most of your home. From insightful design collaboration to upheld completion dates, we'll even make the whole process an enjoyable one!

    Let your culinary passions go wild! Kitchens can be the hub of social activity and your creativity!



    Create an escape that soothes and rejuvenates. Beauty and luxury in the bathroom never goes unappreciated.


    Your private enclave, the master bedroom and en-suite should be your ultimate retreat for comfort to mind and body.

    Master Bedroom Suites

    It's one of the few places we actually pause to enjoy time with family and friends. Make sure you're surrounded by architectural beauty.


    Expand your living space and extend the time you can enjoy your beautiful outdoor area.

    Outdoor Spaces

    There are great features today to make any garage both beautiful and highly practical.


    The Smart Move

    Increase your living space and you'll increase the enjoyment of your entire home. An addition tends to make everyone feel like they have a little more space, even if it's because one person gets their own private room. And with a bigger house footprint and architectural presence, you'll see a significant improvement to the overall look of the home too.

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    Work With Us

    There's no question  investing in the value of your home is generally regarded as a smart investment and it produces very fulfilling results too. We can help guide you on the changes that are most likely to improve your home's value and those that will make certain enhancements to your quality of life.

    We are the no-nonsense design-build company.

    Work with us if you'd like a team focused on making you happy with a stress free ride and a quality project that finishes on time, on budget.

    You'll love our enthusiasm, our passion, our skills and our experience.

    We love what we do, and so will you.

    Give us a call to talk about adding on to your home.

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