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Design Thinking

Ideas and Inspiration

Get Your Home Holiday Party Ready

A successful holiday party is the result of careful planning. Take control of the details so they don’t take control of you, and your party will be as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.

Contractor Roundup is back!

Clark Construction took a leadership role in developing Contractor Roundup for Habitat for Humanity, a successful materials drive and awareness campaign for their ReStore.

Tips for Creating a Family Friendly Kitchen

One of our most popular remodeling projects, is transforming small kitchens in older homes into true living spaces where people congregate and have fun. Today’s kitchen is truly today’s family living space.

Creative Ways to Add Color to your Remodel

Bold statements or small splashes of color are all the rage. What are the best ways to incorporate color in your home?

Making Your Home More Accessible

You can easily and inconspicuously you can increase your home’s livability rating. Learn what smart choices you can make now that will set your home up to accommodate mobility or dexterity issues down the road.

3D Visualizations are a Game Changer

What could be cooler than seeing your finished dream come to life long before we start building with a 3D rendering of the space? Pictures are truly worth 1000 words!

Responding to a Changing World

We've taken aggressive measures to keep our clients safe through these difficult and concerning times. Take a look at how we are taking protection to the next level.

The Fogger

We’re “going beyond” again, introducing The Fogger as another tool to help create a safe work environment for our workers and to keep COVID at bay from our clients and their families.

Appliance Trends

From ovens to refrigerators, kitchen appliances are now smart, connected devices that generally make life easier. Check out what's new and exciting.

Ruby's Little Pantries

We are proud to be part of a community that gives back. We recently joined forces with Ruby Weiner and some of our peers to make little pantries for our community.

Top Six Reasons to Add On to Your Home (Rather than Move)

Check out how an addition can improve your life (and often the value of your home, too). You don’t need to buy a new home to make more space!

Our Five Step Process

The backbone of our company's operations; a time proven process that allows us to repeatedly and consistently exceed client expectations as we make great changes to their homes.

Full Transparency of Numbers!

Transparency in project costs is a game changer. See bare bids from trades and undisguised general operating expenses!

The Construction Containment Zone in the Age of Coronavirus

We are taking aggressive measures to minimize the spread of COVID19 as we continue to work with our clients in their homes. With the work area tightly sectioned off and under negative pressure we are able to keep the majority of dust and virus particles contained.

The Covid-19 Renovation Emergency

Having a home that "works for you" is not longer a luxury but a necessity. Suggestions for changes to help you keep your sanity and incorporate wellness into your home.

5 Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island

Learn why a kitchen island is an essential component in kitchen design these days.

Get a Degree in Light Bulbs

Want your home to be brighter, have more atmosphere? Transform your home by getting the right light bulbs. Here’s the inside guide to bulbs.

6 Tips for Setting Up Spaces to Work from Home

Working from home in our pajamas with a cup of joe in hand is something many of us have always dreamt of. COVID19 has changed how and where we work! Here are some tips to keep your sanity and live the dream.

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Virus Free

Check out these five products that will do their part to reduce virus transmission in your home!

Making the most of finishing your basement

Looking to remodel your basement? Look no further. This article is filled with inspiration and insightful tips on how to make the most of your finished lower level.

Why Small Businesses Matter

We were honored to be one of Hamlet Hub's featured businesses.

Day Lighting

Well illuminated spaces improve how we feel at home and work. "Daylighting" takes advantage of that sunlight, with smart systems that balance natural and artificial light, reducing greenhouse gases and slow fossil fuel depletion. It's a win-win combination.

What's Hot: Velux ACTIVE

This smart system senses your indoor air conditions and automatically opens and closes your solar skylights, regulating temperatures, lowering your energy costs. Plus BIG tax credit.

Trending Cabinet Colors that Sizzle

Color trends endlessly shift and change, with a consistent core foundation of cabinet colors we all love. Give your kitchen some sizzle, or go with a timeless color you'll love forever.

Should We Remodel or Move?

Should you stay and take on some projects, or scout out a different house? The decision is not as clear-cut as it used to be.

What's Hot: Wood Countertops; Natural beauties making a comeback

We have come to love the remarkable, the exceptional, and the extraordinary individuality of the slabs of wood we have found and included in our clients' projects.

What's Hot: TREX Outdoor Cabinets

A perfect addition to expand your decks possibilities!

What's Hot: Kohler's Moxie Showerhead

Your music, news, podcasts and more, now more portable than ever. Introducing the Kohler Moxie Showerhead with integrated bluetooth speaker.

What's Hot: What's New With Trex?

With tons of new products, TREX is really expanding their line-up for 2019.

Chimney Leaks

All you need to know to keep your chimney up to snuff.

Clark's New Logo 

New logo. Same strong team and values!

The Galley Workstation

Find out why this work station is a game changer for kitchen design. It’s innovative, and just makes being in the kitchen fun.

Top 5 Projects for Resale Value

When choosing remodeling projects it is important to keep an eye on the impact those projects will have on the resale price of your home down the road.

What's Hot: Wellborn Corner Drawer Cabinet

An innovative solution from Wellborn to help best utilize that corner space in your kitchen!

What's Hot: Retro Style Smeg Refrigerator

A retro style refrigerator line from Smeg that combines 50's styling and modern technology!

What's Hot: Kohler Real Rain Shower Panel

This beautiful shower head replicates a summer rain storm and, at the click of a button, creates an eight second downpour, great for washing the shampoo out!

Where to Start with Remodeling

It's easier than you think. The key is to find "your person", who will serve as your guide through the process. They'll worry both the big picture and the details.

Modern Master Bath wins HOBI Award "Best Bath Under $100K"

Check out this year's HOBI Award Winner- "Best Bath under $100K". It's awesome.

5 Reasons Why Design-Build Saves You Time & $

The "one-team approach" fast tracks the project, and is a sure path to a successful project.

7 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

A new kitchen can effortlessly weave together beauty, comfort and convenience creating a real sanctuary as the heart of your home. Check out the top reasons our clients redo their kitchens.

Who is the Best Remodeling Contractor for You?

What are the characteristics that matter when selecting the team for designing and building your addition or remodeling project?

The Top 5 Remodeling Projects

Learn what most people consider to be the top priority remodeling projects.

The 3 Bid Myth

If you needed heart surgery, would you ever consider asking three surgeons to submit bids and then go with the lowest price? Of course not! Learn why the same logic applies to choosing a team to work with for your home improvement projects.

Two Big Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When planning ahead for work on your home, consider these tips to help you avoid two prevalent remodeling mistakes.

Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Remodeler

When making a major remodeling investment, take some time to vet potential contractors, so that you can select the best team for your family and project.

How to Prioritize Your Remodeling Needs

Guidance on how to make the smartest decisions for your remodeling dollars.

Where to Splurge When Remodeling

Find the sweet spot for your remodeling investment, balancing added value vs cost. Four tips for smart splurging choices.

Six Reasons to Remodel Your Bathrooms

A remodeled bathroom adds value, comfort, safety and style to any home.

Why A Whole House Water Filter Is Something You Won’t Want To Live Without

To maximize your family's health, and have the cleanest, safest, best-tasting water possible, you may want to actively treat your water to reduce and/or eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, DBPs, lead, bacteria and viruses.

The 4 Most Beautiful and Useful Deck Lights to Consider

Brighten your outdoor space and create ambiance with energy-efficient illumination. The options have come such a long way since grandma's old porch light!

5 Reasons to Go Composite

Reap the benefits of a lower maintenance, eco-friendly solution that will continue to satisfy you as years go by. The latest generation of products have enhanced performance and richer, long-lasting colors with realistic wood grain textures and patterns.

The Pizzazz Factor

Pizzazz is that elusive quality which makes a home improvement project stand out from the crowd. Add some to yours!

Custom Kitchens: All Things Beautiful

Bring designer style to the heart of your home with these 10 kitchen customizations.

Right Sizing Your HVAC Saves $$$

Save a chunk of change while improving the quality of your home air environment. Savings and air quality meet where advances in technology and engineering intersect, providing great value for new HVAC systems due to better products and better tools for sizing them.

Creating the Timeless Kitchen

What makes certain kitchens stand the test of time?

Designing A  Kitchen  for the Whole Family

There are many lessons for kids to learn when the family cooks together. Designing your kitchen with kids in mind will help guarantee that time spent together there will create unforgettable family memories.

Rocking Out: Quartz-based vs. Granite Kitchen Counters

Which appeals to you? Join us as we compare and contrast the two most popular countertop options.

Is The Time Right To Add That Master Bath Suite?

Dreaming of a new master suite? From oversized showers with rain heads and grand walk-in closets to sitting areas with cozy gas fireplaces, they are a great enhancements to any home.

When to Say Bye-Bye to Your HVAC System

Slash your utility bill by 100s or 1000s of dollars per year while minimizing your environmental footprint by upgrading your HVAC system. HVAC systems are upwards of 60% more efficient than units of old, leaving more money in your pocket.

Super Showers: Five Essentials For A Luxury Shower

A good shower can be great. Here are five things that will make your luxury showering experience stand out.

No More Ice Dams: the Definitive Guide

Ice dams are usually caused by a combination of heavy snowfall, inadequate water-repellent protection and often, improper attic insulation or ventilation. Learn how to address the symptoms and cure the problem.

Tips for Stress Free Remodeling

Here are the five most important things you can do to take the pressure off and enjoy a seamless and successful remodel.

Kitchen Trends That Can't Go Wrong

Go for trends that have staying power for long lasting enjoyment of your kitchen for you and your family.

Would I be Crazy to Choose Marble  for My Kitchen Countertops?

Clean, bright, inherently elegant and timelessness. Marble ages gracefully, bringing an unique and organic character to your kitchen. But be fully informed about wearability and maintenance.

Choosing A Kitchen Sink

Discriminating cooks, savvy hosts and busy professionals all know the value of a great sink. Recent advances in materials, technology, and design make today’s sinks worth a second look. Explore the options. You'll be glad you did.

Nine Signs of Fine Architectural Design

Learn about the qualities that make a great design stand out from the crowd (yet blend nicely into the neighborhood!)

Enjoy The Outdoors: Plan for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Create an outdoor kitchen with all the conveniences that you enjoy inside.

Hosting A Successful Dinner Party

A successful dinner party is the result of careful planning. Take control of the details so they don’t take control of you, and your party will be as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.

Five Green Budget-Wise Home Improvements

From recycled glass countertops to native landscaping, small changes around your house can help both the environment and your pocketbook.

Go Green with your Remodeling

Create spaces that are cost-effective, beautiful, comfortable and responsible.

Moving Up: 7 Tips for Your 2nd Story Addition

When you need to add space to your home and don't want to expand out, the only place to go is up. Adding a second story can double your living space and is financially smart.

When Bad Additions Happen to Good Homes

Additions can add real value to a home, except when the addition goes terribly wrong! Six tips for ensuring that a bad addition doesn't happen to your home.

Mudroom Makeovers: Remodeling Ideas

With a mudroom makeover, you can convert a messy threshold into a stylish entryway. Here are some remodeling ideas to help you plan a floor to ceiling mudroom renovation.

Make Your Great Room Greater

Sometimes, a home’s great room might not be living up to its name. Maybe it’s time rethink this space, and focus on how to make it even greater.

Greening the Bath

Going green while remodeling a bathroom is a great step in conserving water and helping the environment, because you can do so without sacrificing "the look" of your bathroom.

Super Baths

These comfort boosting "essentials" may just be the turning point for your bathroom, making it your favorite room and everyday routines "an experience worth looking forward to".

The Case for Taking Away the Tub

Showers are "in", and we know that most people don't use their tubs. Here are ten reasons why taking away the tub makes sense.

Indulge Your Passions

Your home is a haven from the outside world and its stresses. Create your personal oasis just by indulging your passions with a special space in your home; you deserve it!

Think Outside The Box

By thinking outside the box, ineffective, undesirable or unappealing areas of your home can be transformed into practical, lovable living spaces.

Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home

A house becomes a home when it welcomes you at the end of the day, and reflects your tastes, hobbies and experiences. Give your home more character to make it a home you love.

Own a Historic Home? Lucky You.

Preserving and enhancing an older home can be both challenging and rewarding. Here's some advice on developing a vision for your remodeling project.

Should We Add On or Move?

Does it make more financial sense to add on or move?

Good Design is Back. Spread the Word

Design Matters. Every home remodel is an opportunity for good design that can make a difference in people's lives, an important legacy.

A Room for All Seasons

Extend your outdoor season by a couple of months on either side of summer, or go all the way with a sun room addition that you can use year round.

A Screened Porch: the Best of Both Worlds

A screened porch is ideal when you want shelter and sunlight, to watch the world go by without being in the wind, and to watch nature without being eaten alive by it.

Designing a Kitchen for Multiple Cooks

It's not true that too many cooks spoil the broth, but it's true that not all kitchens accommodate multiple cooks. Create a multi-cook kitchen that will let you enjoy sharing your space.

Contractor Roundup a Huge Success

Clark Construction took a leadership role in developing Contractor Roundup for Habitat for Humanity, a successful materials drive and awareness campaign for their ReStore.

Grabill Cabinet Company: Green Before ‘Green’ Was Even A Thing

Grabill practically invented the idea of green cabinets. They have been eco-friendly since 1946.
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