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Design Thinking
Ideas and Inspiration

Indulge Your Passions

Your home is intended to be your haven, that special place where you can get away from the outside world and its stresses. Carving out some specialty spaces allows it to become such an oasis.

We have focused on some projects that give you opportunities to indulge your passions - they make your home better fit with who you are, and what you do.

Growing beyond The Traditional Man Cave

The epitome of indulgence in the past has been traditionally been known as “the man cave”. Whether it's called that or not, when sharing a home with a partner, spouse, or family, our clients welcome having that one place that is off limits to everyone else—unless invited. It’s a place to just sit and “be”.

This haven can be a space where you don’t have to answer questions or follow anyone’s rules. Enjoy a hobby, watch television, play video games, have a drink, enjoy the foods you want without having to share. It’s a place where you can be alone with your thoughts. Maybe it’s a spot where you can sit and read, or quietly catch up on your work.


While the basement has been the traditionally designated space for such a get away, with separate media and game rooms and a wet bar, we see a lot of additions and garages filling the need for creating room for these specialty spaces.

One of our clients created the ultimate detached garage  - it houses his vintage car collection, with a game room above for entertaining the grandchildren.



Another client added on to a garage, with a combination office/game room on the second story. Connected to the house by an outside balcony, the homeowner saved valuable time spent commuting to work—giving him more time for leisurely pursuits with his family after hours.

He relished the quiet of his private getaway during the week. Weekends, he welcomed others into his space for pool, drinks and fun. And the whole family loved having four car bays.

Golf Simulator Rooms

For several of our clients, an addition has been built to fit a golf simulator room. It’ a hot trend. Practicing your swing is often best suited to an addition since the golf simulator systems have particular size and height requirements.

One client combined this room into a media room as well, making it a dual purpose space, enjoyed by the whole family.

Not so Cave-like

Not everyone’s dream for personal space is dungeonlike. Many people prefer more light and less cave. Here's a sunny space we built atop a golf simulator room. This two-story addition created personal spaces for both partners!

Spaces tailored for Hobbies

Whether it’s in a studio, craft room, office, or library, many of us enjoy alone time. Any space that has walls to keep the distractions, disturbances, and dysfunction away, if only for a short time, works!

Creative storage is one of the most asked for features, whether it's built-ins to display meaningful items, like the doll collection, or a plate rack for family heirlooms, or cubbies for craft supplies.

Perhaps your down-time space is a spa-type bathroom, with a jetted tub, and spacious shower with body sprays and steam?

All these personal spaces have commonalities; spaces particularly tailored to you, where you can step away from the busy world and your responsibilities for a few moments and recharge.

Couple and Family Spaces

After we have had our fill of private time, we all cherish time together with the people we love. Two types of “couple” projects worth highlighting are home theaters and wine rooms (although a home theater suits the whole family!)

Bringing Big Theater Home

You can bring the theater to you by transforming your bonus room or basement space into a home theater or within an addition.

Some of the must-haves include recessed lighting to make your theater room seem like the real thing, colored LED accent lights to give the room a richer feel, and an integrated control system to set the lights the way you want them.

Sound-proof walls and acoustic flooring, wall coverings and ceiling materials are also important to enhance the movie-watching experience.

Finally, add a bar area for refreshments. You can stock the bar with your favorite beverages or sweet treats to enjoy during the movie.

Feed your passion and take the makeover to red carpet dimensions: include genuine theater seating, stadium style for optimum viewing—without the “down in front” obstacles. An authentic popcorn machine like you’d find at your local theater is a crowd pleaser.

For one of our clients, chilled drinks were readily available and the bar area was also stocked with the usual—and not-so-usual—candy choices. Think oversized candy dispensers, an array of specialty popcorn, and toppings for an occasional sundae buffet.

This room became a getaway for everyone in the house—for a romantic comedy, family feature, or the occasional gathering of friends with standing room only.

For Both of You: Wine Rooms

Wine rooms have become very popular and provide the perfect atmosphere for an intimate sampling of fine wines. Clients who want to take their palate-pleasing experience to a new high often look down for the ideal tasting space, adding them in their basement space.


Custom wine rooms often include temperature-regulated chillers and marble serving areas for cheeses. Clients report that they are the envy of their wine-loving friends.


Whether you like more "private time", or more time doing things with one or more of your family members, there are many opportunities for tailoring spaces within your home to accommodate your specific needs; from small areas within the existing home to grand additions.

Remember that your home is your haven and you should treat it that way. Think about your wish list for indulging your passion in a room of your house. What would you love to have? And then ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?”

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