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Design Thinking

Ideas and Inspiration

Making Your Home More Accessible

You can easily and inconspicuously you can increase your home’s livability rating. Learn what smart choices you can make now that will set your home up to accommodate mobility or dexterity issues down the road.

Responding to a Changing World

We've taken aggressive measures to keep our clients safe through these difficult and concerning times. Take a look at how we are taking protection to the next level.

The Fogger

We’re “going beyond” again, introducing The Fogger as another tool to help create a safe work environment for our workers and to keep COVID at bay from our clients and their families.

Appliance Trends

From ovens to refrigerators, kitchen appliances are now smart, connected devices that generally make life easier. Check out what's new and exciting.

Ruby's Little Pantries

We are proud to be part of a community that gives back. We recently joined forces with Ruby Weiner and some of our peers to make little pantries for our community.

Top Six Reasons to Add On to Your Home (Rather than Move)

Check out how an addition can improve your life (and often the value of your home, too). You don’t need to buy a new home to make more space!

Making the most of finishing your basement

Looking to remodel your basement? Look no further. This article is filled with inspiration and insightful tips on how to make the most of your finished lower level.

5 Reasons Why Design-Build Saves You Time & $

The "one-team approach" fast tracks the project, and is a sure path to a successful project.

The 3 Bid Myth

If you needed heart surgery, would you ever consider asking three surgeons to submit bids and then go with the lowest price? Of course not! Learn why the same logic applies to choosing a team to work with for your home improvement projects.

How to Prioritize Your Remodeling Needs

Guidance on how to make the smartest decisions for your remodeling dollars.

Creating the Timeless Kitchen

What makes certain kitchens stand the test of time?

When Bad Additions Happen to Good Homes

Additions can add real value to a home, except when the addition goes terribly wrong! Six tips for ensuring that a bad addition doesn't happen to your home.

Greening the Bath

Going green while remodeling a bathroom is a great step in conserving water and helping the environment, because you can do so without sacrificing "the look" of your bathroom.

Own a Historic Home? Lucky You.

Preserving and enhancing an older home can be both challenging and rewarding. Here's some advice on developing a vision for your remodeling project.

Should We Add On or Move?

Does it make more financial sense to add on or move?
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