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“While respecting and building upon the original architect’s vision for the home, this California ranch was reworked to optimize the flow of the first floor. The new handsome kitchen better meshes with the clients' lifestyle, and totally transforms the space. "

Following the Architect's Vision

(Norwalk, CT)


The Challenge -

Elderly parents were moving in, and the house needed to be modified to better suit the four of them. 

They sought a better balance of  private and public spaces, with a design that respected the home’s pedigree and its creator’s original vision.


The kitchen was closed off from the livingroom/diningroom, making it an uninviting place to work.

We totally transformed it, opened it up, better balancing public and private space.



Inspired by the tone of the old cabinets, new birch cabinetry utilized a similar light stain, with an updated Shaker door to add some interest to this modern kitchen.


Out of respect for the home’s history, the great room, with its beautiful stone fireplace, was left intact.

While the wood panelled walls helped to bring warmth to this big, vaulted space they absorbed much of the natural light.

To bring in more natural light, bookcases were removed from the exterior wall and a big window cut in. Better enjoyment of the view was an added bonus.


A two tiered design island blocks the view of a sink full of dirty dishes when sitting at the dining table.  

With plenty of counter space on either side of the stove for cooking, the chef-worthy sink on the island is available to prepare ingredients before cooking.

The oversized stainless sink came with enough accessories to make meal preparation easier for everyone.


In addition to opening up the kitchen to the livingroom/diningroom and great room, valuable space was reclaimed from hallways that ran along the back of the kitchen and along the staircase to the eating area.

Glass blockwas used to balance private and public space while bringing a lot of light in.


The use of glass block  paid homage to the original architect who installed it through out the house.    It was a design element that was expanded upon and embellished in the new design.



Glass block brings light into the new master entry hallway from skylights over an adjacent staircase.

Chrysalis Award: Best Kitchen $50-$75K

Glass block in the hallway and master bedroom suite.

Material Selection Highlights

The waterfall counter looks like a slab of stone.

The cork floor defines the kitchen space and provides cushioning underfoot for the cooks while the stone veneer means no worrying about marks from feet kicking this wall when seated at the island.  

Cork floors and a stone island.
Team Something

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Happy Client
Norwalk, CT

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